Media Law & Clearance

Do you publish or broadcast your work?

Adopting a “publish and be damned” approach is often an invitation for trouble for broadcasters, publishers, developers and writers. We are experienced in all areas of media law, and can provide swift, relevant advice in relation to a variety of situations that creative personnel and businesses encounter as part of their work within the industry, including legal clearance of programmes and publications, broadcast agreements and rights management issues. We can also provide advice in relation to issues of censorship, contempt and related freedom of communications issues.
Our media law services include legal advice in relation to:
  • Contempt and court reporting
  • Defamation
  • Intellectual Property clearance
  • Publication advice
  • Image protection
  • Damage mitigation
  • Discrimination, sedition and hate speech laws
  • Non-disclosure compliance
  • Privacy advice
  • Data distribution and publication
  • Clearance policies
  • Creative commons and open data rights
  • Risk assessment
  • Defamation law

Litigation & Dispute Resolution